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We know what works in Digital. We can take full advantage of any placement and guarantee the synergy of online activities to maximize ROI and engagement around the brand.


We ensure maximum efficiency through our originalThanks to the negotiating power of the Omnicom network, we have competitive prices for media buying. Contact us to receive a tailored and effective media plan.

Digital strategy

We will help you achieve your business goals by creating a comprehensive Digital Strategy. Plan the success of your brand with us!

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Performance Marketing

Do you have precise business goals? You will achieve them thanks to campaigns focused on the outcome. Check out how Performance Marketing works!

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Search Ads

We will show you how to maximize the potential of Google search and Bing/Yahoo or Yandex (export campaigns). We meet all your business goals!

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Social Ads

Be where your audience is – on Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok or Pinterest. With us, you can use the full potential of any social media platform.

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Social Community

Stay in touch with your customers! Social media is a powerful tool that affects your brand image and sales. What should you take care of?

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Display & Video

Your sales figures will increase with the help of advertising on multiple platforms! Using the capabilities of the Programmatic model, we’ll tailor a strategy to meet your expectations.

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Technology is now the key to success. We combine the synergy of marketing efforts, our know-how, proprietary tools, and the latest technology to build your business.

Web analytics

It is a process which lets you analyze the behavior of users visiting your website. Thanks to data collected by means of properly selected tools, we are able to determine what works and what doesn’t. How do we do it?

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Campaign monitoring

To make a digital campaign successful, it’s not enough just to set it up. You need to monitor its effectiveness on an ongoing basis and make changes when necessary. What benefits will you gain from campaign monitoring?

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Antifraud – quality traffic

All – even the most perfectly planned – campaings are still vulnerable to the ad fraudsters unfair activities. Build digital marketing shield, detect and block fraudulent ads which are ruining your budget.

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Conversion path attribution

We create a single source of data from digital campaigns. We measure and analyze the full customer path – from first contact with the ad to conversion, across all channels and devices. What does conversion path attribution enable?

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Even small changes produce big results. CRO tools and techniques generate greater returns! We will create data-driven hypotheses, test and optimize your website without involving your IT department.

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Data Management Platform

Process your digital campaign data in the most scalable, efficient and secure data warehouse. Leverage the vast potential of Google Cloud Platform and Big Query ecosystem technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

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No matter what form of cooperation you decide to choose, we will be your partner in the digital world. Find out what we have to offer!


Before our interdisciplinary team of specialists takes action, we will listen to your needs, expectations, and doubts. We will advise you on the best solutions and prepare a plan to support your business development.

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A powerful dose of knowledge, inspiration, and motivation for further action to develop your business. Thanks to our workshop sessions, you will clearly define your goals and monitor your competition with a greater awareness. With us, you will become familiar with the tools used in online marketing – including the potential of social media. We will teach you how to effectively use the digital domain in business to increase sales.

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Check what works well in your company’s advertising, and what still needs improvement. A performance audit is a basis for optimisation of advertising costs and a chance to increase profits. We’ll collect hard data, draw valuable conclusions, and – together with you – we’ll look for a way to help your brand become a market leader.

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